We're a Deaf Health Research Center.

We conduct rigorous research that lays the foundation for better health-related quality of life among deaf and hard of hearing people who use American Sign Language. We are a deaf-centric research center that utilizes quantitative and qualitative methodologies to gather accessibility and patient-reported outcomes from over 2,000 deaf and hard of hearing individuals in the United States.

We proudly offer innovative educational programs that draw upon our multidisciplinary research, for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students, right here at Gallaudet University.


We research and evaluate health research projects


We share results through presentations and publications.


We engage in community partnership, training and education.


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Dr. Poorna Kushalnagar, our Center Director and a Professor in the Department of Psychology, leads our research efforts. Her team is involved in a wide range of biobehavioral and patient-centered research projects.

In addition, Gallaudet University faculty & staff, students and community members – from a variety of academic backgrounds – contribute to the Center. Together, we are working to improve the health of deaf and hard of hearing people not only in the United States but also around the world.

We conduct our research and share our data because we believe deaf and hard of hearing people deserve equity in health care.