Deaf Caregiver Health Research
Year: 2019-2021
Focus: PROMIS-Deaf Profile: Deaf Caregiver Health
NIH Award: 3R01DC014463-05S2

This project uses mixed methods approach to include perspectives of Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing (DHH) caregivers who provide care or assistance to family and friends with Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias (ADRD).

Update #1

Our lab received a grant from National Institute on Aging, supporting our study on deaf caregivers health quality. The video below is a promotional video designed to reach out to potential research candidates.

Update #2

Through collaboration with Deaf Seniors of America (DSA) and National Association for the Deaf, Center for Deaf Health Equity (DHE) gathered a number of deaf/hard-of-hearing adult signing participants. The video below provides update on our center’s findings.