Fast Fact: Blood Clot
Video Transcript

"Gray background with a yellow, blue, and black logo at the bottom right corner. A young South Asian girl with black hair is wearing a white lab coat.

Hi! This month is Heart month!
*the girl clenches her chest*

Heart attack! Do you know why that happened? Heart attack happens because of a blood clot development from unhealthy eating habits or lack of exercising. Blood clots can also occur from factors that are unmodifiable like race and gender. Those who are most likely to develop blood clots are African Americans females.

Clots begin when blood begins to slow down in vessels, causing build-up of clots. It will either break-off and block a narrower vessel down its path or stay fixed and eventually block the entire vessel. Then blood supply is cut off, causing heart attacks or strokes. *the girl clenches her chest again*

You don’t want to be like me, right? Eat right! Exercise! Be careful!"

Are you wondering why heart attacks happen? Watch this video to find out! #AmericanHeartMonth