Fast Fact: Deaf Adults Engagement in Social e-Health Activities
Video Transcript

"Gray background with a yellow, blue, and black Deaf Health Communication and Quality of Life Center logo at the top left corner. A young white woman with brown hair is wearing a white lab coat.

"Hi there! Whew, I am so glad to have technology nowadays. I just sent a message to my doctor using my iPad! Did you know that you can communicate with your doctor using electronic health portals and the Internet??

This Deaf health lab asked 515 deaf participants if they used social media to read and share health information. We found that for deaf people who used social media for health, they communicated with their providers through emails or electronic health portals more than deaf people who did not use social media for health.

We encourage you to use email or electronic health portals to communicate with your doctor! You can talk about different test results, treatment plans, and follow up on your medication. Look - my doctor just messaged me back through my electronic health portal!""

Do you use technology to communicate with your doctor? Watch this video to find out how many Deaf Adults reported using technology to communicate with their doctors.