Fast Fact: Heart Disease
Video Transcript

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“February equals love right? YES! Love your heart! February is American Heart Month which focuses on heart disease.

I will explain how heart disease can occur. Your body needs blood that is flowing to survive, and arteries allow blood flow to your heart and body. When you have high cholesterol, plague forms on the walls of the arteries which can cause blood flow blockages. When this happens, this leads to heart disease. Heart diseases can cause strokes and heart attacks.

Small changes can make a big difference. If you want a healthy heart, get a yearly physical with your general practitioner, listen to your body, get 20 minutes of exercise daily, eating healthy by adding fruits and veggies to your plate, maintain a healthy weight, lessen stress, and limiting alcohol and tobacco intake. Show your heart some love!"

Your heart needs healthy blood flow to maintain your body. There are several ways your heart might not get enough blood flow, watch this video to learn about heart disease!