Fast Fact: High Blood Pressure
Video Transcript

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"Did you know that high blood pressure also affects the heart? High blood pressure, or hypertension, is when the pressure in the arteries is higher than the normal level. High blood pressure increases burden on the heart and blood vessels. It makes your heart work harder to pump blood through blood vessels all over your body. High blood pressure can increase the risk for heart attack and stroke.

The Deaf Health Communication and Quality of Life Center gathered data from 1719 Deaf ASL users. About 31% of this sample were told that they had high blood pressure or hypertension by their doctor/healthcare professionals.

Go to the doctor regularly. They will take your blood pressure which allows the doctor to notice patterns and determine risk for hypertension. To have a healthy blood pressure, you should maintain a healthy weight, eat fruits and vegetables, exercise, and limit your alcohol and salt intake.

Take care of your heart."

Your blood flow in your body affects your heart condition. Higher pressure can cause severe health conditions, watch this video to learn more about high blood pressure within the deaf community!