Fast Fact: National Immunization Month
Video Transcript

"Gray background with a yellow, blue, and black Deaf Health Communication and Quality of Life Center logo at the top left corner. A young South Asian girl with black hair is wearing a white lab coat.

"August is National Immunization Month. Vaccines can protect you from serious illnesses such as pneumonia. Pneumonia vaccines are highly recommended for those who have an immunocompromised immune system, had their spleen removed, are older than 65, or have cochlear implants.

This Deaf health lab gathered data from 100 Deaf adults who were 65 and older. About 70% said they got pneumonia vaccine. In another group of 100 adults with cochlear implants, only 25% said they got pneumonia vaccine.

It is highly recommended that you talk to your doctor about the pneumonia vaccine and other vaccines. So, here’s a reminder--keep up with your immunizations!"

August is National Immunization Month. Watch this video to learn about vaccines!