Fast Fact: Satisfaction with VRI
Video Transcript

"A gray background with a yellow, blue, and black Deaf Health Communication and Quality of Life Center logo on the top left. A South Asian male with black hair is wearing a white lab coat.

""Have you ever gone to a health care service and communicated with the doctors through Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) technology? Did you have a satisfactory experience, or did you feel like you faced some obstacles with clear communication?

This Deaf Health lab gathered data from 555 Deaf ASL users who had an experience with using VRI service and only 41% were satisfied with the quality of the VRI technology service.

If the Deaf patient is not satisfied with the quality of VRI service, they often are less willing to disclose health information. There are some problems that a Deaf patient may face while using VRI technology such as limitations for interpreter in the VRI to see the doctor’s movement or gestures as the VRI technology service often faces the Deaf patient. Not only that, the VRI often may freeze or lose connection, leaving the Deaf patient without clear access to communication."""

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